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Velavadar Blackbuck National Park Bhavnagar District Gujarat

Blackbuck National Park at Velavadar is situated in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat state, India.the park is located around 72 km from the district headquarter city of Bhavnagar. Hugging the coasts of the Gulf of Khambhat on the south, it is spread over an area of 34.08 km², which was primarily a "vidi" (grassland) of the Maharaja of the princely state of Bhavnagar. On the northern side, it is surrounded by wastelands and agriculture fields. The National park has been classified as 4B Gujarat-Rajwada biotic province of semi-arid bio-geographical land, dry grasses and herds of antelope are.  the major attractions of this park. It has a unique grassland ecosystem and has been running a number of successful conservation programmes for species such as the blackbuck, wolf and lesser florican. The largest population of lesser floricans has been sustained here.

Velavadar Blackbuck National Park Include Mamals are The Blackbuck,antelope, the Nilgai or Blue Bull,Grey Wolf, the nocturnal Striped Hyena, Indian Fox, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat,gerbil, field micemongoose and hedgehog.

Birds : 
Velavadar Blackbuck National Park Include Birds are larks, bushchats, wheatears, sandgrouse, francolins,The Lesser Floricans, pelicans, cranes, storks, ducks, herons,Grey Francolin,Hobby, Kestrel, Red-necked Falcon, Saker Falcon (winter), Peregrine Falcon, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Shikra, Imperial Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Steppe Eagle (winter) and Short-toed Eagle. Amur Falcon

Park Closed : The park is closed for the monson from june to October
The best time to visit Blackbuck National Park : The month of December to March

How to get there
Road: The nearest town, Valabhaipur, is 32 km away, and Ahmedabad 145 km away. If you come by private vehicle, the Black Buck National Park is entered from Valabhaipur on the old highway or Adhelai on the Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad highway. Otherwise, the park is accessed by bus from Bhavnagar (72 km away). Two buses travel daily between Bhavnagar and the park; leaving the city at 2 or 3:30pm and returning from the park at 6 or 6:30am the next morning. For a day trip you will need your own vehicle; taxis can be hired in Bhavnagar for Rs. 700-1000 per day. 

Nearest Railway Station : Bhavnagar is the nearest railhead, connected by trains from Mumbai. Another railway station is at Dhala: 55 km away, but there is no regular public transportation from there to the park.

Nearest Air Port : Bhavnagar is the nearest airport. Mumbai is connected to Bhavnagar through domestic flights. Be sure to book in advance as not many flights are available. 

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