Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rudra Mahalaya Temple Sidhpur Patan District Gujarat

Sidhpur is a city and a municipality in Patan district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Siddhpur is an historical place, located in North Gujarat, India. It is located on the bank of Sarasvati River, considered to be the branch of lost Saraswati river. Sidhpur is a sacred town, around 103 kms. north of Ahmedabad.The town is a revered destination, flanked by temples, kunds, ashrams and other sacred structures.  Around the 10th century, under the Solanki rulers, this town was at the pinnacle of prominence and glory. It derived its name from the great ruler of Gujarat, Siddhraj Jaisinh from the Solanki dynasty.

Raja Siddhraj built a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called as the ‘Rudra Mahalaya’ in 12th century AD. Rudra Mahalaya Temple temple was an architectural wonder with a three-storeyed 'shikhara', 1600 pillars, 12 entrance doors, central 'mandapa' and porches on east, north and south and sanctum in west. Around the temple, there were 11 shrines of Rudra. The eastern gate was adorned with beautifully carved 'Toran', with a flight of steps leading to the Saraswati River.  The ornamentation of the temple was exuberant as shown by the elaborate and detailed carvings of the pillars and the beautiful Toran, which are the only remains of the temple today.


  1. Rudramahalay in list of archieology monuments and first 11 rudra shiv temple only in India.

  2. What more proof required that Islamic invaders ruined this Hindu culture . Still we are silent.

  3. It is very shameful that we are unable to restore our cultural heritage destroyed by Muslims invaders