Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pratap Vilas Palace And Peter Scott Nature Park Jamnagar Gujarat

The royal palace was built between 1907 and 1915 with a grand mix of European styles. In 1968 Jam Singh converted the palace grounds into a nature park and brought in live specimens of various species, in a supreme effort of conservation. Unfortunately, after the confiscation of privy purses of the princely rulers, this park has not been as well taken care of. Both the palace and the park require permission from the royal family to enter, which you can ask for at the office in Darbar Gadh. 

How to  get there 

Road : State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect Jamnagar with various centres of Gujarat. If you’re coming from Rajkot on bus, the bus passes right through town before reaching the bus station, so you can ask to be let off at Bedi Gate

Nearest Railway Station :  There are daily trains on the Western Railway with direct connections to Ahmedabad.

Nearest Airport : There is an airport 10 km from town, so it’s a relatively inexpensive rickshaw or taxi ride. Various domestic airlines connect Jamnagar to Mumbai.

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