Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pavagadh Hill Panchmahal Gujarat

Pavagadh Hill is situated within a plain in Panchmahal district, Gujarat, western India.At its base is the historical city of Champaner, while the hill station of Pavagadh was built upon the volcanic cone itself. A volcanic eruption occurred here approximately 500 million years ago and the etymology of its name is associated with eruption.

The hill is a southern Aravalli Range outlier, rising 800 metres  above the surrounding plains. The Dhadhar River and Vishwamitri River originate on the hill.The Surya stream, which also rises on the hill, joins the Vishvamitri. There are five successive plateaus, Kalikamata Plateau, Mauliya Plateau, Bhadrakali Plateau, Machi Plateau and Atak Plateau. Plateau reservoirs (talaos) form a chain up the hill. Other features include dense forest, reddish-orange rhyolite boulders, and a natural cave just below the summit. Strong monsoon breezes blow winds upwards onto steep hill slopes

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  1. pavagadh kalika mandir at Machi is visited by millions of devotees during the Navratri festival.