Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Madhavpur Beach Junagarh Gujarat.

Madhavpur Beach southern Gujarat.Madhvapur Beach is one of the striking sandy beaches in Gujarat. Gorgeous sandy beaches lined here in the midst of coconut trees.Madhavpur Beach is dwelling to the name of Madhav Raoji. The temple of Madhav Raoji is a cynosure of all eyes together with the Madhavpur Beach. The Haveli temple of Madhavraiji is the principal attraction.

It is supposed that Lord Krishna had married Rukmini in Madhavpur. The prodigy is kept breathing by holding a fair on Chaitra Sud 12 each year. There is as well a Bethak of Mahaprabhuji as Shri Vallabhachrya who had given communication on Shrimad Bhagwat for seven days at this point.

Best time to Visit  : Between October and March. In  

How to get there
Road: Junagadh is 327 km from Ahmedabad, 102 km from Rajkot, and 113 km from Porbandar, and is accessible by ST bus from each of these places, as well as from other cities in Gujarat by way of Veraval and Rajkot. Bus is recommended as the best way to get to Junagadh

Nearest Railway Stations : Two express trains run on the Ahmedabad-Veraval line, one at night (with a rather inconvenient schedule) and one by day.  Ahmedabad is 7.5 hours away by train.  Junagadh is also on the Rajkot-Veraval line, with Rajkot 2.5 hours away, and Veraval 2 hours. 

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