Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lakhota Palace and Museum Jamnagar Gujarat

Lakhota Palace and Museum On an island in the centre of the lake stands the circular Lakhota tower.The Lakhota Museum at Jamnagar is a palace transformed into museum, was residence of the Jadeja Rajputs. The collection of the museum includes artifacts spanning from 9th to 18th century, pottery from medieval villages nearby and the skeleton of a whale.The very first thing you see on entry, however, before the historical and archaeological information, is the guardroom with muskets, swords and powder flasks, reminding you of the structure’s original purpose and proving the martial readiness of the state at the time.

Lakhota Palace and Museum Time Table : Museum open 10.30am  and closed 
Entry fees : Indians is Rs.2/- and for Foreigners is Rs.50/-.

How to get there
Road: State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect Jamnagar with various centres of Gujarat. If you’re coming from Rajkot on bus, the bus passes right through town before reaching the bus station, so you can ask to be let off at Bedi Gate

Nearest Railway station. There are daily trains on the Western Railway with direct connections to Ahmedabad.

Nearest Airport : There is an airport 10 km from town, so it’s a relatively inexpensive rickshaw or taxi ride. Various domestic airlines connect Jamnagar to Mumbai.

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